Saturday, August 16, 2014

Candlelight club

First there was setting up



70 –80 Pensioners arrived for tea



Guides from a number of different companies came to help serve




Some of the Guides modelled  uniforms from the archives then the Rays of Hope Guides presented a play about Little Bunny FOO FOO


Each pensioner was given an ice cream tub of food and goodies then Bingo commenced.


The Pensioners had a wonderful time!   So did the Guides!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mini Fete

I left it all to the Guides.   Each patrol had to organise a stall for the bring and buy.   They did so well and I was so proud of them.   They organised and arranged shifts, they baked and bought and brought.  


The 3 Waverley patrols made R763 which our district is allowing us to use for buying camping lanterns.   The Rays of Hope Guides sold decorated soaps and bath salts and bubble bath to raise money to be able to go on camp.   with the R200 or so we made I will be buying biscuits for the girls to package and sell at school.   Well done to everybody involved and thanks to our supportive parents!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Good turns, fun and fellowship

The end of the 2nd term was quite busy.   Both Companies did a Company good turn.   The Rays of Hope Guides gave a concert to the residents of the Old Age Home.

The Waverley Guides made chocolates to take to the residents of Nazareth House.   Unfortunately it was the evening we had a power failure and we had to finish by candle-light.
DSCN0540 DSCN0541



On the Saturday, several of the Guides went to visit Nazareth House to hand out the chocolates, play with the children and visit.

I don't know who had more fun, the Guides or the children

At the end of the term the Waverley Guides hosted their parents to dinner and entertainment.   The girls earned cooks, bakers, hostess, entertainers, flower arranger and singers badges.
I didn’t take any photos of the dinner but this is some of the entertainment.
Finally, to celebrate the start of the government school holidays, we had a Day Camp with both companies.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2nd Term

To finish our 3 edible novelties for a children’s party, we made racing cars out of finger biscuits and marshmallow baskets.
The Rays of Hope Guides are beginning to integrate into the Old age Home community.   They have each adopted a Granny and later in the term we will do a concert for them.
We spent a meeting highlighting the Guide Law.   This involved translating words to Zulu or Sotho, working through pictures in the handbook and short skits illustrating how Guide Laws are broken or kept.   They ranged from being kind (or not) at school to Rhino poaching.
Last Thursday we did part of the Keep Fit badge.   The Alex girls organised their own set of movements which turned out to be cheerleading type routines while Jelly Bear led us in a more professional routine at Waverley.   She has subsequently agreed to do the same with the Rays of Hope girls.
Change is in the air.   The new programme is due to start in June and the new uniform is already being stocked.
The changeover will be challenging but we will do our best to be innovative and take things one week at a time.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter eggs

Because we were meeting on the Thursday before Good Friday, I didn’t expect full attendance.   Gummi Bear will not be able to help this term as she is coaching hockey.   Jelly Bear, one of the Waverley Guide’s mothers, helped out last week but was away during the private school holidays.   To celebrate Easter, we decorated Easter eggs (the candy coated hen’s eggs) with plastic icing.   I thought it would be something I could handle alone with  reduced number of girls.

2014-04-17 16.07.292014-04-17 16.38.542014-04-17 16.26.552014-04-17 16.38.15

Only four of the Rays of Hope Guides came.   One patrol leader won’t be coming anymore because she didn’t go straight home after the friendship day last week and got home late.   A small group suited me fine though.

2014-04-17 16.07.462014-04-17 16.08.28


2014-04-17 16.38.342014-04-17 16.39.13


Eight Waverley Guides came and although I had planned a game to play afterwards, we spent the whole meeting decorating eggs.   Each girl got to make two.

2014-04-17 17.47.212014-04-17 17.47.34


2014-04-17 17.48.30


2014-04-17 17.52.262014-04-17 17.58.21


2014-04-17 18.01.312014-04-17 17.59.54

2014-04-17 18.01.532014-04-17 18.02.24

One of the clauses for the discovery arts and crafts flash is …  “make 3 different edible novelties for a children’s party.”   Next week we will complete the clause by making racing cars out of finger biscuits and baskets out of marshmallows.