Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crafts, Cookery and Camping

As part of our Inspirations Adventure, the Guides decorated T shirts for camp.   They were given paints in tubes and brushes to do their own thing.

The following week was supposed to be patrol dinners but only one patrol got it organised.   However three girls did pass their cook's badge.

Just before the end of the term was the regional camp, attended by 3 Guides (and 2 Guiders)

Putting up tents was relatively easy.

After supper it was stalk the lantern which everybody enjoyed.
The theme of the camp was Frozen so on Saturday we had a themed wide game.   One of the bases was to make ice cream in 2 ziploc bags.
On Saturday afternoon it rained.   And rained.   And rained.

When lightening arrived as well the girls all went into the hall to play games while the Guiders formulated plan B for supper.   Plan A was for each patrol to make their own fire and cook their meal in individuals tin foil packages on their patrol fires.   
Instead Panda and Gummi Bear made a huge fire in the fire pit in the kitchen and all the parcels were cooked on it.
After supper the rain stopped sufficiently for us to have a campfire and then it was back into our tents (some of which had to be mopped a bit.)

Rain continued to fall during the night but the girls were cosy in their sleeping bags.
well done to all the Guides who survived a rainy camp.   A Guide hasn't camped until she has camped in the rain!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pancakes and cookies

Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday.  Traditionally a pancake day.   It was actually a coincidence that we made pancakes at Guides yesterday.   It was supposed to be last week but three of the Guides were away.

While half of the girls were making pancakes, the other half was learning about safe use of the internet and social media.

Meanwhile, back in the corner.

Then we swopped stations

Everybody enjoyed their pancakes

At the end of the meeting, we formed another patrol so now we have Robins, Swallows and Flamingoes

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Open Day

At first I thought the whole thing was a flop.   On my way I got a Whatsapp excusing one of my regular Guides (Two had already excused themselves last week).   That meant we would have three plus any visitors.   At 5.15 we did have three but one was a friend that came with one of the regulars.   No sign of the 3 Newspaper girls.   But then I got a phone call from a lost mother and while we were still hoisting the flag, they arrived as well as our 3rd enrolled Guide..

We played learn name games and then went outside to play water-balloon splash.   It was hot and we soon dried.   As we were finishing off, another Newspaper girl arrived so we played one final round and then went inside to make woven valentine hearts and fill them with chocolates.   Halfway through that activity, the last Newspaper girl arrived.

It was now necessary to play a name game again.   This one involved hitting a balloon and calling somebody's name.   That person had to hit the balloon up before it touched the ground and call somebody else's name.

I think the girls had fun
and I hope to see them all again
next week.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

We made the Newspaper!

2015 started very disappointingly.   Only five Guides returned from the holidays.   The following week, there were six and that is how it has stayed.   We decided to organise a "bring a friend/Open" Day just before Valentine's day.   Honey Bear (one of my helper mothers) took a lovely photo of the girls playing "Pile On"

I sent it to the Northeastern Tribune for their gallery with the girls names and also a short notice about our open day for their Community events.

They outdid themselves.   They combined my 2 submissions and made it an article, even adding to the information I had provided.   Thank you Staff Reporter.


As a result I have had 6 inquiries.   One was too old and one was too young and one was from a teacher in Soweto who wanted to bring her group of Guides that meet at a school.   The remaining three I am hoping to see today.

I realise that God is still in this Guiding game.   I thought He had called me to open the Rays of Hope Guides for their own sake and that Waverley was just a by product.    Perhaps it was only a stepping stone to taking over the Waverley Guides.   Only time will tell.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Packing up a Guide Company

I felt I was called to start the Rays of Hope Guide Company so it wasn't easy to close it.   I had prayed about it though and, as the 4th term progressed, fewer and fewer girls attended.  When on the last day only Samantha turned up, I felt at peace about closing the company.

It was only yesterday when I went to empty the cupboards at the hall that sadness crept across my consciousness.   I went through workbooks and was again impressed by what the girls had learned, their art work, the enthusiasm that shone through a lot of what they had done.   It was three years of my life and I don't think it was in vain.   I believe their time as Guides made a difference to at least some of the Guides and it certainly changed me.   As I looked through some of the photos of the girls, I realised how fond I had become of them.   I understand more about poverty and about the different ways different cultures think.  There will always be a place in my heart for the girls of the Rays of Hope Guide Company.

Going Wild at the end of the year

We managed to get a booking for a Night visit to the Zoo in early December.   The interest was amazing and in the end we had over 40 Guides, parents and friends arriving the Johannesburg Zoo just as it was getting dark.   Many of the Waverley Guides had contributed to the cost for the Rays of Hope Guides – even to the extent of providing money for a picnic supper, drinks and treats.   Even their driver was able to visit the nocturnal animals.   Exciting moment when a lion cub made a lunge at a little sister.   He obviously thought it was prey just the right size for him.

Unfortunately only 3 of the Rays of Hope Guides attended as the interest had been waning steadily ever since the camp and when at the last meeting I only had one Guide arrive, I felt it was wise to close the company and not split my energies any longer.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the zoo tour.   We had a shuttle to transport us to all the different areas and a guide who told us all about the animals.   My favourite was the Tiger and I now know what noise a tiger makes.    Meow!

We ended up with a campfire and we ate our picnics around it.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Air, water, earth and fire

This term both companies are working on the Eco- Green adventure.   We have learned about the big 5 and little five, endangered species, alien invaders and we have to do an activity from the 4 elements, Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

For Air we made paper frogs and held a frog Olympics, fanning  frogs with newspaper.   Then we had air ball races.   Most fun was the balloon popping game.   Each Guide had one or more balloons attached to her ankles and the goal was to pop everybody else’s balloon but keep your own intact.










Last week the Rays of Hope girls played balloons again as our environmental expert couldn’t make the earlier time.


Next week we will be working with clay (Earth) and the week after we will make candles (Fire)