Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Waverley Guides go to the Thinking Day Gala

Last time our Region had a swimming gala for Thinking Day, only one Guide attended so I  was thrilled when four Guides arrived on Saturday. That's 50% of the Company! (Still not as good as the Brownie attendance however)

The theme was Disney around the World.

It was an overcast day and quite cool so three of the girls chose not to swim and one wasn't feeling well so I didn't insist. That left us with one who had a wonderful time in the water.

Later the whole gala moved to land starting with a magic carpet ride where one guide was carried by the otheres.

Then, from China, carrying buckets of water without spilling.

Next was trying to carry a stone or coin with your toes and depositing it in a container.

Finally, From the Lion King (Africa) Pumba and Timone had to catch bugs for lunch, which turned out to be jelly worms tied on a string which one ate without hands.

Overall I think the girls enjoyed themselves and contributed to what Thinking Day is all about.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Thinking Day Gala

This year our Region celebrated Thinking day with a gala featuring Disney around the World. We started with the Thinking Day ceremony where we remembered Guides around the world and deposited our Thinking Day coins into the Pond (that used to be Olaf, but he melted in the sun.)

As it was a coolish cloudy  day and only the most intrepid girls swam, the games were eventually moved to dry land.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

International Opportunity

As I was looking on the internet for a Guide Company that we could approach for pen friends, I came across an international camp that is taking place in England next year. Twenty years ago, my then assistant and I took four girls to this very same camp in West Sussex. I've put an open invitation to all the Guides and parents and it looks like we might have two or three girls who will be going.

One of the girls interested will need sponsorship as her parents will not be able to provide the money for her travels.  We will also be doing some serious fundraising. The first event is on 5 November where we have booked a stall at a craft market. The girls will be helping children make 3D cards, make bracelets or necklaces, ice cupcakes or biscuits or make racing cars out of finger biscuits.

 Please support us if you can. We would also appreciate any sponsorship.

Guides just wanna have fun!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Mad Hatters and an enrollment

Last week the Brownies were having a Princess tea party so we decided to have a Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

The Brownies learned table settings and good manners as befits young princesses.

Guides decorated their table and made some snacks and sandwiches and then ate their tea according to the throw of a dice.

Today we enrolled our newest Guide.