Friday, September 18, 2015

Visit to the Sandton Fire Station.

Last week Brown Bear and Honey Bear took the Guides to the Sandton Fire Station. They learned how firemen operate and were given a tour by a very friendly Platoon Commander.
The Guides were impressed by the speed at which firemen work. They have to be donned in their protective clothing in under a minute and in the truck and rolling in two minutes flat.
The girls learned how to help someone on fire, how to make a bucket chain, emergency number to call for all emergencies and how to recognise fire hydrants. They had a wonderful time and the Guiders enjoyed it too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sweet First Aid

To make first aid more interesting, we added a sweet ingredient. The Guides had to complete certain challenges to earn ingredients for coconut ice. For the bowl and icing sugar they had to all demonstrate and arm sling. For the condensed mild they had to make a stretcher out of a blanket and two poles and carry a member of their patrol. for the coconut they made skits about tetanus and rabies.

What happens when you get bitten by a rabid dog

The reward was worth it. The girls made coconut ice as a patrol and each girl got to take home a container-full.

This week we are doing CPR. Probably won't be as fattening!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Family Hike

Government schools had broken up and I was on holiday. It is the middle of winter and I had been following the weather app on my Nokia phone as the forecast moved from 14 degrees C and 60% rain to 13 degrees max and 70% rain to 60% to 40% and on the Saturday in question to 17 degrees and 20% rain. Nevertheless 2 intrepid families and 2 Guiders and family members assembled as arranged at 10am at the Phalandingwe Adventures reception.

After filling in the appropriate indemnity forms our instructions were to follow the yellow arrows until we had gone through the gorge and then not to go left, but to go right and to follow the orange arrows. The group before us had got lost:- claimed they hadn’t seen the orange arrows and had ended up in the target area of the bow hunting competition teams.

We set off with great enthusiasm and soon were rewarded by our first look out point.

hike photos 3


We walked along the river a while and then, at what appeared to be the end, there was a fork. Yellow arrows to the right, no sign of any arrows to the left.   Was this the end of the gorge? Our group was divided.  Two or three energetic hikers  went along the left route but saw no sign of any orange arrows. So we continued to follow the yellow arrows with half the group convinced we had taken the wrong path.


It was quite a while later that we actually walked through the gorge and before we started up and out, we stopped for lunch.

Hike photos 2



We did find the orange arrows but nevertheless we saw some targets to the right.  In the back of our minds we were thinking of arrows whizzing past our ears.

I am not sure exactly where we went wrong.  Again a fork with no indication of which way to go.  Half the group had gone on ahead to the left when one of the remaining hikers phoned and for once got through to the reception.  The right path was apparently correct.  By now we were definitely in bow hunters territory with target etc. set up on the left of the road.  We even came to a meeting of the bow hunters in their very official camouflage.  I was again in the back with the other stragglers while the front group got instructions from base camp again.  I asked a friendly looking bow hunter if she knew how far we still had to go. She said, not far – about five kilometres at which point I asked if there was a kind person with a big car who could take us. So we back four got into the car and phoned the front group. We would come back for them.  As it happened, the bow hunter misunderstood where our end point was and we only arrive about five minutes before the rest of the group who made it on foot.

Well done to all.  The girls did very well. I am proud of them.  Thanks to all the families who joined us.  We had a great adventure. I might need to send an e mail to Phalandingwe about their trail markings.

Monday, June 1, 2015


The Campfire was supposed to have been last term but the girls had decided to have patrol dinners instead and do the campfire when there was more chance of darkness.   We invited parents and friends and had very good support with nearly all the parents attending as well as several brothers and a friend.   We had invited the Rosebank Scouts but had had no reply.
It had been a mission to get permission to light the fire but with excellent teamwork we prevailed.   Honey Bear brought a fire pit, I used a spade to make a clearing and we had four buckets of water to hand.
We started the fire using a chemical reaction where water is added to a mixture of chemicals which were surrounded by firelighters to catch the sparks.


We had started Campfire song books the previous week and shared with our visitors.

The patrols performed skits in true Guiding and Scouting fashion and then some of the girls and even parents led us in some different songs.

We finished the evening by toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate which was sold to raise funds for the Randburg SPCA.   We managed to raise R320 for the new cattery.
Thanks to everybody for your participation and help.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wide Game

A Wide Game is a game Guides play that is played over a wide area, usually takes at least and hour, is often interspersed by a number of tasks they have to complete, and ideally, follows a theme.
Our game was based on the Frozen theme.   Patrols had to construct a flag pole and hoist a patrol flag, build a shelter and then finally make modderkoekies in the kitchen.

Due to lack of observation skills (not very Guide-like),   I had been under the impression that the kitchen contained a microwave.   It did not.   So my new helper, Chocolate Bear, had to improvise using the stove and 2 pots which Brown  Bear and I groped around for in the dark garage where camping equipment is stored while Michael held up the broken door.
The girls had great fun and asked whether we could do it again the next week!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

SPCA visit for community service

The Court of Honour had decided that as our good turn we would visit the SPCA and help out.   Unfortunately not many of our Guides could make it on a Saturday morning.   Two had other commitments, one was going overseas but on Saturday three Guides attended the volunteer day of the Sandton SPCA.   After an introductory talk the girls got to interact with the animals.

The girls had a wonderful time playing with kittens and puppies.

More Camp photos